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Dane County, WI Public Records

Dane County public records are accessible to the public for inspection. The Dane County Register of Deeds is authorized to dispense crucial documents for occurrences within the County. The Register of Deeds Office Vital Records section issues birth certificates from October 1, 1907, death certificates from September 1, 2013, marriage certificates from June 21, 2015, and divorce records from January 1, 2016,. Requesters must complete an application form and remit a fee to obtain certified copies of these records. A search fee and the first duplicate of divorce records cost $20, and an additional fee of $3 is applicable for each subsequent copy requested. A search fee and the first duplicate of divorce records cost $20, and an additional fee of $3 is applicable for each subsequent copy requested. Requesters can also obtain property records for Dane County from the Register of Deeds Office, the real estate section responsible for maintaining and issuing these records.

Courts in Dane County

Court Records in Dane County, Wisconsin

Under the Wisconsin Open Records Law, interested individuals can examine or receive duplicates of Dane County court records. Requesters can access records of criminal and civil cases in Dane county through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access portal. Record seekers can also access records for the Municipal Courts in Dane County by visiting the courthouses or communicating with them through the mail. Court records copies will cost the requester $1.25 per page, while certified copies will cost $5 per page. Requesters may use the search tools provided by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to access the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry to find offenders currently residing in Dane County. Some records could be exempted from disclosure due to state or federal regulations, a juvenile's status, or if revealing them would intrude on a person’s privacy.

Court Name:
110 East Main Street, Suite 215
215 S Hamilton St.
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
5915 Milwaukee St
2598 West Main Street
Sun Prairie
321 South 4th Street, Second Floor

Jails and Prisons in Dane County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Dane County, Wisconsin

Dane County inmate records are open to the public for examination by anyone and are regulated by the Freedom of Information Act. The three correctional facilities in Dane County are under the supervision of the Dane County Sheriff's Office. Requesters can access information on inmates in the county jails through the Sheriff's Office, which regularly provides an updated list of all incarcerated individuals. The records include the inmate's name, gender, date of birth, criminal charges, bond amount, and mugshot. Dane County is home to 10 Jails & Prisons, catering to a population of 522,837 individuals within 1,197 square miles. The County ranks 60th out of 72 counties in Wisconsin in jails and prisons per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
434 State Farm Road

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Dane County

Arrest Records in Dane County, Wisconsin

Dane County arrest records provide information regarding the arrest, confinement, or temporary detention of an individual who is under investigation in the County. Dane County allows public access to the arrest records of adult criminals as per the Wisconsin Open Records Act. These records can be obtained by visiting the Sheriff's office, the arresting agency, or the local police website. Additionally, interested individuals can request arrest records by searching the Wisconsin Online Record Check System. Dane County has 41 Police Departments, and the crime rate in the county stands at 58.69 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
115 West Doty Street

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