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Racine County, WI Public Records

Racine County, Wisconsin, is known as the Kringle Capital of the World, home to several bakeries that make the beloved traditional Danish pastry Kringle. Racine County public records include vital, arrest, inmate, and court records available from various offices in the county, per the Wisconsin Open Records Law. Record seekers may access vital records from the County Register of Deeds: Vital Records Office. The Office provides birth, marriage, divorce, and death records to qualified public requesters in person, via mail, and online through a third-party provider. Eligible requesters must show tangible and direct interest in the record and be immediate family members. Those who do not fall under the eligibility category must have a written and notarized authorization outlining the relationship of the authorizing party to the requester. Alternatively, ineligible requesters can provide documentation showing the legal purpose for obtaining the record. In-person and mailed requests must have a filled application form for the corresponding certificate. In addition, the Office charges $20 for the first copy and then $3 for each additional copy. The Office also requires individuals to provide a valid form of ID. Racine County property records are also available from the Register of Deeds through the Tax Inquiry. The tax inquiry allows record seekers to search property information using criteria such as name, street name or number, and parcel ID.

Courts in Racine County

Court Records in Racine County, Wisconsin

Racine County court records are for the Circuit Court and various Municipal Courts. The Circuit Court oversees criminal, family, civil, small claims, probate, and traffic cases. Record seekers may obtain documents for these cases through the Wisconsin Court System Case Search. Alternatively, record seekers may query the Racine County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. Record seekers can request court records online through the clerk by filling out a request form. The form requires case details, such as case type, number, and document type. Record seekers will receive information on the total fees for obtaining the records, including a search fee if necessary.

Court Name:
800 Center Street
415 North Milwaukee Street
300 North Pine Street

Jails and Prisons in Racine County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Racine County, Wisconsin

Racine County inmate records are for those incarcerated at the Racine County Jail. It is the primary pre-detention facility in the county, with its own physical and mental health service center. The jail is under the Sheriff's Office: Jail Division. Record seekers may use the Inmate Locator tool to find information about inmates incarcerated at the correctional facility. Record seekers must input at least one search criterion to find an inmate. Each inmate profile provides the mugshot, personal details, physical identifiers, location, bail details, and a list of the charges. Racine County has six jails and prisons, with one jail and prison per 55 square miles.

Jails and Prisons Name:
717 Wisconsin Avenue

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Racine County

Arrest Records in Racine County, Wisconsin

Racine County arrest records are available from the Racine County Sheriff's Office. The Office provides incident reports, supplement reports, case-supplemental documents, and crash reports at a fee depending on the type of reports and format. The Office also charges location fees. Record seekers must fill out the online form to obtain a record from the Sheriff's Office. The form requires details such as the subject's name in the report, document type, and the requester's information. Racine County has 15 police departments, with one police department per 22 square miles. The county has a crime rate of 47.58 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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