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Milwaukee County, WI Public Records

Milwaukee County public records are those generated by or stored by local agencies, government entities, or any related board. These are covered by the Wisconsin Public Records Law, which mandates that a record seeker can inspect or copy a record provided there are exemptions by the state or federal law. Vital records, which include marriage, birth, divorce, and deaths from 1907, are available for public inspection. These can be attained from the Vital Records Office of the State’s department of health services. Record seekers may also order these online using a VitalChek platform. Search services are payable via Discover, American Express, or Visa credit cards. Property records are available for public viewing per the Open records law via Milwaukee’s County Land Information Office.

Courts in Milwaukee County

Court Records in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Milwaukee County court records are presumed public except for certain scenarios such as juvenile, financial statements, and adoption cases. Requesters may contact Municipal court staff or the County Clerk via the Civil Records Center. Record seekers may also forward mail requests to the County Clerk by the courthouse address. Requester. The clerk charges $1.25 per page for court record copies and an additional $5 when getting certified copies. Alternatively, interested parties can get court records via the Milwaukee Municipal Court website for criminal and civil cases. The state platform does not cater to Milwaukee County, though, but requesters can use the local platforms by searching case numbers, respondent names, and citation numbers.

Court Name:
330 E Kilbourn Ave Ste 1020
951 N James Lovell St.
5300 W Layton Avenue
7725 W North Ave
11301 W Lincoln Ave.
West Allis
951 North James Lovell Street
11301 West Lincoln Avenue
West Allis
7725 West North Avenue
5300 West Layton Avenue
5300 North Marlborough Drive
Whitefish Bay
5911 West Grange Avenue
3936 North Murray Avenue
5909 North Milwaukee River Parkway

Jails and Prisons in Milwaukee County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Milwaukee County inmate records can be viewed by the public. These records entail the inmates’ physical well-being, criminal charges, detaining facility, parole, and sentencing information. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office maintains the repository of inmates incarcerated in the county jails. It continually updates the database, so it is possible to find recently booked or released inmates using the lookup tool. The tool can be accessed from the County Sheriff’s website. Inmates are allowed visits weekly in person or online. Though, these have to be scheduled 24 hours before the visitation. Visiting days for the county jails are Sundays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. There are ten jails and prisons in Milwaukee County, serving 928,059 residents. It is ranked 70th out of 72 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
949 N 9th Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Milwaukee County

Arrest Records in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Milwaukee County arrest records detail apprehensions by law enforcement following suspected criminal activity. Though it does not confirm criminal history, it may form part of the individual’s record and are subject to public viewing. If there are no law or court restrictions, anyone can access this information. These records are generated by law enforcement agencies like the Sheriff’s office and police departments. Interested parties that want to get these records may do so at a fee per copy. For criminal records, record seekers may get the information from the Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau. Milwaukee County has 28 police departments, and the crime rate is 39.41 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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